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Adjust your kilometres driven today

We recognize that personal driving habits have changed for many customers since the beginning of the pandemic.

If your number of kilometres driven has decreased, we can reduce your auto insurance premium for three months. Even if some of you might gradually be going back to normal driving habits, you are still eligible for a premium reduction and there is still time for you to submit your request. The fastest and easiest way to request the change is by filling out all fields in the form below. Whether you have one vehicle on your policy or more, we ask that you only fill out and submit the form once. The premium adjustment will apply to your entire auto insurance policy.

Please note that the last day to request this change is June 30, 2020.

For other relief measures, including flexible payment options, please visit our dedicated COVID-19 page.

Did you stop using your car to commute to work?

Have your driving habits changed (ex: using your car for essential travel only)?

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